We assist families in navigating their preferred future by helping them utilize their wealth to positively impact future generations and all those they touch.

While we take tremendous pride in the services we provide our valued clients, what serves as the cornerstone of our firm’s purpose is the underlying belief that all families and businesses are unique. Because of this, there is no “one size fits all” approach to properly protecting what they’ve worked so hard to build. It’s this understanding which shapes our core beliefs, each of which drives us every day to help each individual client reach their preferred future.


Our core beliefs are driven by three fundamental rules that we believe every individual, family, and/or business should consider when evaluating their insurance strategy.

Every family and business has a unique preferred future

Each unique, preferred future includes two distinct pillars; Lifetime Goals and Financial Goals.

Planning without understanding compromises advice

Without a true understanding of each unique situation, insurance is used as a commodity instead of a tool reducing the potential impact.

Life Insurance is an integral part of a long-term financial plan

Life insurance is often misused, misaligned, inefficient, and not personalized, thus reducing its impact.

Creating Outcomes That Matter

At Oakmont Group, we define a preferred future as combining two distinct components; Lifetime Goals and Financial Goals. By properly connecting these two principles, one can realize the ultimate purpose for their wealth.

Oakmont Group - Navigating Your Preferred Future™

Preferred Future

Our experience has shown us that by having our clients begin to view their wealth differently, we can help them plan and manage it differently – in a way that creates outcomes that matter most to them. Preferred future is often found at the intersection of Lifetime Goals and Financial Goals.

Your preferred future awaits. We stand ready to help.

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