We help individuals, families, and business owners maintain control in the creation, protection, and distribution of their financial legacies through creative estate structures and custom designed life insurance strategies.

Oakmont Group is an innovative Wealth Transfer and Enterprise Security Planning™ firm specializing in the unique design of personalized life insurance solutions that integrate with existing and proposed planning techniques. Our expertise comes from over 150 years of experience in successfully helping our clients understand and implement sophisticated financial instruments.

Core Competencies

We don’t want, nor try to be everything to everybody. Our focus is, has been, and always will be helping individuals, families, and businesses carry out their wealth transfer strategy in the most efficient manner. What makes us different is the simplicity in our planning.

We Actively Listen

In order to know our clients’ preferred future, we have to listen, question for clarity, and repeat back what we heard to assure we are on the same page. Understanding who our client is and what their heartfelt goals are requires listening skills, not sales skills. This understanding is integral to the planning process. Mistakes here can lead to less than expected results.

We Challenge the Status Quo

Our listening skills are coupled with many years of reviewing client fact patterns. In most cases, solutions to problems are found in the facts. We routinely challenge both the current thinking and planning by making slight adjustments when needed and sometimes, complete revisions when necessary. We find that utilizing this approach generates exponential value to the family.

We Uncover Hidden Problems

It is common to meet potential clients who go through our process and discover that they are losing money or creating other financial problems for their family to eventually inherit. Oftentimes, fully knowing and understanding our client’s goals enables our team to uncover a disconnect between what their documents say and what they want to accomplish.

We Provide Effective Integration

We believe all client-advisor relationships must be properly aligned. This includes each advisor knowing the client's facts and family dynamic, and more importantly, knowing the client’s preferred future. When alignment is achieved, successful planning is increased and often assured.

Your preferred future awaits. We stand ready to help.

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